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Screenshot of Pulse App

An iPhone app to measure resting pulse rate.

Checking your resting pulse can be a good way of tracking changes in your fitness level.

To use the app: hold your phone in the normal way with the screen towards you. Place your finger over the camera lens to take a pulse measurement. Best results are obtained by keeping your finger as still as possible and pressing only gently on the lens. It may take 30-45 seconds to obtain a stable reading.

Please note: The app is designed to measure your resting pulse (your pulse measurement when you are sitting or lying down comfortably). This app is not designed for medical or diagnostic use. The accuracy of the pulse reading is limited by the use of the iPhone camera lens hardware, which is not designed for this purpose, and can be adversely affected by movement artefact or external light sources. If you have concerns about the pulse readings obtained from this app then you should check some further readings using an alternative device or measurement technique and consult a trained medical professional if concerned.